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Economic Development Planning

CEDs committe tour in Turners Falls

The Colle Building in Turners Falls received funding through the FRCOG CEDS program.

About Economic Development Planning

A strong focus of the FRCOG is to facilitate business growth and development to improve our regional economy and provide jobs, goods, and services for Franklin County communities. To that end, the FRCOG works with federal, state and local economic development agencies to assess economic development needs and issues, identify projects to improve the regional economy, maintain eligibility for economic development funding by preparing required plans, and to write and administer grants. The following outlines some of the important economic development work carried out by the FRCOG.

Current Projects

Brownfield Site AssessmentBrownfield Site Assessment And Revolving Loan Programs The FRCOG Brownfields Programs supports the redevelopment of potentially contaminated properties by providing resources to help with the assessment and clean-up of these properties.

Randall Pond Industrial Park SignGreater Franklin County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Program & Economic Development District (EDD) The CEDS & EDD Programs provide coordinated economic development planning for the region as well as support important individual projects that improve and sustain the region's overall economic health.

project thumbnailGreater Franklin County Economic Target Area (ETA) The FRCOG ETA allows municipalities to offer tax incentives to businesses for the purpose of promoting job creation and retention, as well as encouraging business investment.

Airport Industrial Park SignIndustrial Park Planning for the Region To encourage industrial business development, different types of sites must be available. The FRCOG is active in helping to prepare the region to meet its future industrial park needs.


project thumbnailWesternMA Connect, Inc. (formerly Pioneer Valley Connect) A regional initiative dedicated to broadband access equity and a more competitive and robust telecommunications landscape in Western Massachusetts.


Putnam Hall Block PDS Local Expedited Permitting Program Also known as Chapter 43D, this Program allows towns to develop an expedited and streamlined municipal permit process for targeted economic development projects.


project thumbnailRegional Economic Development Efforts The FRCOG is actively involved in several regional economic development initiatives.


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