Emergency Preparedness

Animal Carcass Disposal Plan


Livestock is located throughout Franklin County.

Project Overview

The Animal Carcass Disposal Plan is an agricultural emergency response document created through a collaboration between the FRCOG and the Franklin County Solid Waste District, and was funded with the support of the United States Department of Agriculture. It offers concrete assistance to local officials faced with a large number of animal carcasses after an ice storm, flood, fire or other disaster.  The plan offers worksheets and step-by-step guidance in determining how to dispose of animal carcasses, including burial, composting, and off-site disposal.

Current Activities

Plan Documents are available here for download:

Complete plan (4.6M pdf file)

Plan by section

Future Plans

Solid Waste District and FRCOG staff are available to present the Plan’s findings and assist towns in conducting disaster planning meetings to assess the level of risk and possible responses in the case of large-scale animal mortality. To schedule a presentation in your town, please contact Glenayers@frcog.org

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