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The FAQ about Roundabouts was put together to answer the basic questions most commonly encountered when discussing Roundabouts. Click on the Picture above to view the full document in pdf format (size = 1.2Mb).

Project Overview

For a number of years the FRCOG has been advocating for the consideration of roundabouts as alternatives to traffic signals and stop control at intersections. Most Massachusetts drivers are familiar with large, high speed Rotaries and the safety and capacity issues associated with their operations. Roundabouts are often confused with Rotaries and for that reason are viewed unfavorably by many. Although both are circular intersections, roundabouts differ in size (considerably smaller), capacity (increased volume of traffic they can process) and safety (reduced number and severity of crashes). Over the last few years, the FRCOG has helped organize workshops that have brought experienced Roundabout designers to the area, and made presentations on the subject to FRCOG Boards. Additionally, based on feedback from these presentations a FAQ About Roundabouts was produced to provide a convenient resource on roundabouts for all those interested in finding out more. To compliment the FAQ booklet, a 30 minute DVD was recently produced showing educational videos from the Federal Highway Administration, Missouri DOT and Kansas DOT. The DVD ends with a 5 minute video showing the snow plowing techniques utilized by the New York State DOT at one of its many roundabouts. This DVD can be played on Local Access Cable Channels. For more information on Roundabouts or to request a copy of the DVD, contact Keith Wilson.

Current Activities

The FRCOG continues to advocate for and educate about Roundabouts and both the local and State level. The FRCOG is currently working with the Town Of Greenfield to study whether a roundabout is the best alternative solution at the intersection of Colrain Road/Colrain Street/College Drive.

Future Plans

The FRCOG will continue to investigate and advocate for the consideration of roundabouts at all intersections identified for improvements.


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